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At Chipembele we believe that *Strong Girls Can Change the World!

Our dedicated Girls’ Club meets once a week to discuss important health, community and personal issues. Our Club Matron, Eunice (known as Auntie Eunice by the girls) leads the group in a range of activities designed to create a sense of respect and self empowerment for the Girls’ Club members. Eunice is also available for one on one counselling.

As the club has grown over the past few years, activities such as girls’ career days, women guest speakers, girls’ club only game drives, special weekend workshops and other activities have been supported financially by individual donations and occasional small grants. 

We are creating a Girls’ Club Support Network to ensure we have the funds to properly support activities and community awareness raising campaigns on issues important to the girls.

PS: *Strong Girls Can Change the World!
 The girl’s themselves decided on the club motto and every one of them who engages regularly with the Girls’ Club help one another to be strong, confident and responsible girls.







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