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Thank you for your help!


The new roof of the Chipembele Centre has been totally replaced and is all safe and sound again!

The job was an enormous task, taking several weeks and involving the removal of 114 asbestos sheets. The new sheets were a different size and shape so the hard working builders had to reconfigure the tops of all the walls. This was accomplished with lump hammers (hardly a finesse tool!) and then the new gaps were infilled with cement. We covered all the precious displays in the Discovery Room. Some of you will recall that the Discovery Room underwent an extensive modernisation and refurbishment in 2014 by the very talented supporter Janette Moore, her husband John and daughter Ellie. The classroom and entrance hall were revamped in 2015 by our long time supporter and new trustee – Creative Director – Emma Still. It was very important to us to maintain the integrity of their extensive donated work. We covered absolutely everything with blankets and sheets but unfortunately, a few things did get damaged by the flying lumps of concrete! It was painful to watch and the rooms looked like a hurricane had hit them, but our hard working staff soon cracked on with the clean up and the new sheets started to go on.

Paddy Chilwa, a local artist, repainted the large mural in the Discovery Room where it had been damaged across the top and did a very professional job of matching colours.

Schools reopen for Term 3 on 11th September and The Centre will open again on 13th. Thank goodness the work could all take place in the school holidays.

We desperately sought your help for $4000 US dollars in early August and you rose magnificently to our challenge. Your donations both on Just Giving, via PayPal and by bank transfer added up quickly and the final tally was USD6200 and we needed all of it – the job worked out more expensive than the 4K we had budgeted!

A huge thanks to everyone who donated to the urgent ‘Raise the Roof’ Appeal. Our hearts go out too with thanks and special recognition to the significant donations by Julie and Adam Bates* (UK) and Schulprojekte Sambia (Switzerland).

Anna and Steve Tolan