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Thank you for your help!


Oh no! A very strong wind has torn three roofing sheets off the Chipembele Conservation Centre!

The force of the wind and the sheets lifting also caused a big crack to appear in the classroom wall. The sheets are asbestos and terribly dangerous now they are broken. They are no longer manufactured or available for purchase in Zambia (for very good reason).

We are now faced with buying 62 x 7m long new corrugated metal sheets to replace the whole roof.  We don’t have the funds in hand at all for this!

The remainder of the roof remains very much at risk as we are in the windiest months of the dry season. It could go at any puff of the clock.
We are reaching out to our supporters and friends to help raise the $4000 US dollars (£3100) with urgency so we can secure the building.
We must make it safe and weather proof this month. We need your help now!


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