Admin Assistant & Student Mentor

Eunice Nakachinda

Also Student Mentor, Girl’s Club Matron and Careers Adviser.

Eunice, is a Zambian citizen who is a single mum with a daughter at school and has a particular interest in encouraging girl education. She speaks the local language, Chinyanja, but is also fluent in English. She achieved her Grade 12 certificate at school after overcoming a lot of personal problems. She then decided in 2003 to volunteer for the British Red Cross at a refugee project for 28,700 Congolese Refugees in Northern Province. After 6 months she was taken on as a food distributor there and then carried out administrative duties until the project was closed in 2007. Eunice was employed by Chipembele in January 2012.
Eunice has a certificate awarding her the status of Messenger of Peace. She attended a 20 week course for trauma counselling, conflict analysis, domestic violence and human rights. She has exceptional interpersonal skills.

As the Matron and leader of the Chipembele Girl’s Club – Eunice provides leadership, mentoring and advice to girls about self-development, self-empowerment, community building, careers advice and sexual-health matters.   We endorse the club motto; chosen by the girls themselves, that “Strong Girls Can Change the World”.

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