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The Benson Beza Conservation Awards

Global Giving Challenge

Help Us Reach Our Goal

We are running a special two week campaign via GlobalGiving (GG) to help raise the funds we need for the Benson Beza Conservation Awards and the Chipembele Leadership Development Programme.

The GG fundraiser will run from 13 September to 30 September 2021 and the challenge is to raise at least $5,000 from at least 40 donors to benefit from being part of the GG community.

Please visit here: Global Giving – Empowering Young Zambian Eco-Leaders* to learn more about it, share the link and donate from 13 September to make this a reality!

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A message from the CEO of Chipembele

Global Giving (GG) is a not-for-profit (NFP) and is much more than just another fundraising platform. The organisation of GG supports NFP’s like Chipembele to reach their goals. We have to prove to them we have a crowd of support and our vision is a shared vision in the global community to qualify for their suite of assistance. By reaching the targets of at least $5000 (or more!) given by at least 40 donors (or more!) this then entitles us to join the Global Giving Programme. They then provide professional networks across their platform, connecting us to a worldwide global donor base as well as corporate donors. It is not like other direct fundraising portals you might have used previously – GG really is a supercharged assistance package – including matched donors, worldwide advertising and training and support. We need to secure our funding base so we can go forward with surety for our projects and programmes and this is one of the tools we are embracing to help us do that. 

Please help us to crack the Global Giving Challenge. Starts 13 September! Let’s do this as Benson’s Legacy for Zambia’s future eco-leaders!

Olivia Petre PhD

Chief Executive Officer
Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust | Zambia

About Benson Beza

Benson Beza
17.10.1999 – 16.7.2021

The loss of a star

The entire Chipembele Team was deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of Benson Beza who passed away on 16 July 2021 at the age of 21 at Chipata General Hospital after a short illness.

Benson had been sponsored through Chipembele since he was in Grade 8, and quickly became a core member of the Chipembele Conservation Programme. Whatever activities, events and programmes were happening, he would be there to fully get involved. In 2019 he was selected on merit as one of 14 students for a conservation education student exchange programme called Tisamale Global Exchange and travelled to Adelaide, South Australia for 3 weeks. Later that year he was sponsored by Schul Projekte Sambia (Switzerland) through Chipembele to attend Mulungushi University for a degree in Environmental Studies. This year, together with his best friends Jacob Mphasi and Meya Sakala (also both sponsored through Chipembele and studying the same degree), he founded the first ever Environmental Club (the Mulungushi Enviro Club) at their University. He was about to enter Year 3 in October 2021.

His legacy of a young rural Zambian succeeding through determination and passion, despite such a humble and difficult background, will live on through the ‘Benson Beza Conservation Award’ program, a new initiative that we are launching which aims to identify and support young Zambian future conservationists sharing Benson’s key attributes.

Learn more about Benson Beza and what Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust is doing to honour his legacy here.

How You Can Help

You can help us keep on keeping on by sharing this page and asking your friends, family and workmates directly to help us with a $10 or more donation during the challenge. We need all the help we can get!

Between 13 September and 30th September we are in a huge push to engage enough people and donations to set us up permanently on Global Giving Platform. This is both a legacy for Benson Beza and an important opportunity for Chipembele. Please help us encourage and grow young Zambian eco-leaders by making a donation $10 or above today.