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Young people in South Australia learning about conservation through programmes at ZoosSA and young people learning about conservation in the South Luangwa at Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust are coming together in this unique international programme to share their passion and encourage one another in conservation of wildlife and the environment. Tisamale pronounced ‘Tis-A-Mar-Lee‘ means ‘We Conserve’ in the local language, ChiNyanja.

We at Chipembele are proud to be in partnership with the Mentors at the Zoo (MATZ) programme at ZoosSA (Zoos South Australia). We have come together to create a unique international conservation exchange programme -The Tisamale Global Exchange.

Emma Still, Co-founder for Tisamale Global Exchange, a Senior Educator at Monarto Zoo, Founder of Creating For Conservation and Creative Director on the Chipembele Board of Trustees says,

The Tisamale Global Exchange is a cross-cultural, life-changing experience providing budding Australian and  Zambian conservationists the chance to come together and share their passion for wildlife and the environment.”


In June 2018 seven Mentors at the Zoo (MATZ) participants, young people of university-level aged between 18 – 22, came to Zambia along with Emma and Liberty Olds (Conservation Manager at ZooSA) to participate in Part 1 of the Tisamale Global Exchange. The MATZ forged friendships with their Zambian counterparts, learning about the conservation issues important to the youth and communities in Mfuwe and the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

TISAMALE TWO – Make dreams come true and join Tisamale too!

In April 2019, the second part of the Tisamale Global Exchange will give 14 young Zambians the opportunity to travel to Australia for 3 weeks to learn about the unique wildlife of Australia and to explore the similarities and differences of the conservation challenges faced by both countries. Australia’s track record in species extinction is a huge international concern. The Tisamale participants will learn what Australia is doing about changing that with rewilding programmes and other conservation initiatives. The Zambian youth will bring a unique perspective to South Australia, sharing the impacts and challenges faced on the African continent shared first hand with the Youth at the Zoo (YATZ) and the MATZ.

Exposing the Zambian students to international travel and learning about Western cultures at first hand will also help their life skill development and prepare them as well rounded, open minded and globally educated citizens for when they leave school.

We need your help to make this happen.
Get involved in our ‘Tisamale Too’ campaign and help fulfil the dreams of 14 amazing, dedicated Zambian students as they prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia.

Learn about each of the young Zambian Tisamale Too participants in the gallery below.



PayPal secure – there are several options to donate:

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2. Sponsor one Zambian student £25
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When you support one or more of the participants by donating, a unique flag or group of flags will be hung up at the Chipembele Outreach Office to encourage the participants and celebrate your generosity.
Each flag is made of the colourful and versatile African chitenge material in 100% cotton.  Each of the Tisamale Too participants have shirts made from a different design.
Every time 14 sponsorships are received, either as a Group Sponsorship or when 14 accumulated individual sponsorships have been made we will hang up a bunting of support!

We have 280 flags to flutter in the Mfuwe breeze! So come on, let’s get started!


Help Sponsor 14 Zambian Students in a Life Changing Conservation Trip to Australia in April 2019!

Group Sponsorship

By sponsoring the whole group you are giving a vote of confidence to fourteen young conservationists embarking on a lifetime opportunity. Every one of the 14 Tisamale participants has worked hard to earn their place on the trip to Australia. Zoos South Australia are sponsoring flights and in-country costs, but Chipembele needs your help to cover student passport and visa applications, travel insurance, suitcases, day packs, basic toiletries and good walking shoes.

Abraham Njobvu

I am 18 years of age in my senior year in secondary school and when I graduate I wish to study animal science and ecology. I am dedicated to helping protect the environment and wildlife. I am intelligent, empathetic, cooperative, respectful and curious. I like reading novels and watching NatGeo channel. I am looking forward to visiting Australia, especially to see the kangaroos!

Agripa Zulu

I am 18 yo, my friends call me Pops. I like working with others, especially to solve challenges and socialise with anyone! I am in my 10th year of schooling. I like to sing, write songs, make jokes and read books. I look forward to seeing a Tasmanian Devil, they are amazing marsupials.

Amos Banda

I am 18 years old and in the last year of Secondary school. I am ambitious, self-disciplined and much of a smiling type of person. I am working hard to achieve my ambition to be a biologist in wildlife. My hobbies are dancing and playing music. I live with my Dad, Mom and my brother and sisters. I am glad to be part of the Tisamale Global Exchange.

Benson Beza

I'm 19 years old and have three younger sisters. I am short, friendly and creative. I love being a member of Chipembele Conservation Club because it is my duty or responsibility to take care of wildlife. I want to study animal science and become a vet technician. I am looking forward to visiting Australia and learning more about conservation there.

Brian Banda

I am 18 years old and in Grade 12. I am passionate, social and a never give up type person. I really love exploring and competing with my comrades where necessary. I am so passionate in caring for animals and I want to be a veterinarian doctor.

Cetwayo Zulu

I am 17 years old in my last year of school. I live with my Mum, Dad and my little sisters. I have a pet dog named Brave and we keep also keep chickens. I want to study ecology when I finish school. I am excited about visiting my friends in South Australia and learning more about conservation.

Ester Chikobeni

I am 18 years old. I live with my Mum, two brothers and one sister. I would say I am Mum’s favourite. I am loving and creative. After completing school, I want to be a journalist because I like standing and talking in public. I look forward to meeting the South Australian conservationists again and learning new things.

Fanny Zulu

I am 19 years old. I live with my uncle and aunty, but both my parents are alive. I am confident and loving. My favourite animal in Australia is kangaroo, and in Zambia my favourite is the elephant because of shape and behaviour.I like playing with my friends and going in the bush to learn the importance of some small creatures.

Ganizahni Mwanzah

I am 18 yo and; in year twelve. My friends call me Gee. I am social, friendly and cool and in my free time I like rapping and dancing. When I am done with school I wish to study in the field of conservation. Am so passionate about each and everything we do at the club and I think we’ve got a lot to conserve.

Jacob Mphasi

I am 18 years old and I complete my secondary education this year. When I complete school my ambition is to study in the area of conservation but I hope to do veterinary science. I’m courageous, humble and friendly. I’m the second born in the family of four but I also have one half-brother and one half-sister. I enjoy swimming, reading novels and watching conservation and wildlife documentaries.


I am 15 years old. I may describe myself in three ways - as a joker, an intelligent girl and a poem writer. I like reading novels and wildlife of wildlife. My ambition is to become a veterinarian doctor and to stand and speak for wild animals.


I am doing the tenth level of my secondary education. I am passionate, caring, kind and social. I like to spend my leisure time reading novels and teaching my siblings. My favourite subject is maths and my best subject is science. I want to become a medical doctor with an aim of being a speaker to people.


I am 17 years old and am doing my grade 11th year. My favourite subjects are maths, history, and accounts. I am living near to South Luangwa National Park with my lovely family. I love public speaking and giving presentations. When I finish school, my ambition is to become a veterinarian doctor. My dream is that one day I will operate on an injure lion and it will get saved.


I am 17 years old and in the eleventh grade the eldest with four siblings, one girl and three boys. I am passionate, enthusiastic and social. I am very lucky that I live right next to the beautiful South Luangwa National Park with some fascinating and sustainable wildlife. I love photography. When I complete my secondary level of education, I would like to study Animal Behaviour.

Just Giving

UK tax payers, Any Amount You Choose - ADD 25% GIFT AID - by using this option. Support the 14 young conservationists as they embark on a trip of a lifetime to Australia. We are fundraising for personal expenses. The pre-trip outlay for each student will be covered by your generosity. Passports, visas, suitcases, day packs and good quality walking boots.

Give What You Can

By giving what you can afford, you are giving a vote of confidence to fourteen young conservationists embarking on a lifetime opportunity. Every one of the 14 Tisamale participants has worked hard to earn their place on the trip to Australia. Zoos South Australia are sponsoring flights and in-country costs, but Chipembele needs your help to cover student passport and visa applications, travel insurance, suitcases, day packs, basic toiletries and good walking shoes.


In 2014 the first global conservation education exchange between South Australia and Zambia happened and Milimo Mweetwa was one of the Chipembele youths who took part. Milimo said

“The trip really contributed to my future because the encouragement I was given gave me more interest in the environment and I became sure that I can be successful in my chosen career as a forest manager. When I returned home everyone wanted to listen to me and I was very excited to share my experiences with so many people.'”

Since then other participants of the first exchange have gone on to study at film school in South Africa – making wildlife and community documentaries now – are studying Veterinary nursing or have taken up employment in the Forestry Department. Some have gone on to study journalism, teaching, or accountancy or gone back to farm their land and care for the family. All of these bright young people who participated now have broader world experience to bring to their lives and a deeper understanding of local and global conservation issues. They have problem-solving skills and knowledge to meet challenges, come up with solutions in the conservation of their land. Further, when they have their own families they are passionate to imbue the deep respect for the environment and wildlife in their children. This new group of fourteen young people will benefit from the 2019 Tisamale Global Exchange in this and other ways.
We are in a world where boundaries are shrinking due to the reach of the internet, where young people all over the world are becoming the generation that will be responsible for the decision making, the governance, the work required to protect and conserve the world’s wildlife and environment, now and in the future.

Help us light the fires for these energetic, interested and focused young Zambians who will become the conservation leaders of tomorrow!

A huge thanks go to our partner ZoosSA for their enormous support of this 
life-changing programme.